Bangkok Companions

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is famous for many things. The traffic, the temples, and the pollution are just a few examples of what can be experienced in this wonderful city. However, one other attraction that draws people of all ages and nationalities is the nightlife. There is even a famous old hit single entitled ‘One night in Bangkok.’ The world over, stories are told about people’s experiences during a night out in Bangkok. Many have happy endings, many do not. The common ingredients for these adventures are often alcohol and the local girls who usually welcome, but sometimes prey on, these unsuspecting visitors. Which kind of ‘hostess’ one gets is often down to chance, and therefore choosing Bangkok companions is a potentially dangerous thing to do. Some people fall in love before they even leave their hotel, others venture through the bars, getting quick thrills wherever they can, and others still are too afraid from all the tales to get involved with any of the lovely ladies who may be available for companionship. One thing is for sure, the imaginative traveller may try a little bit of everything before settling for what he decides is the best.

bangkok companions
Firstly, one must decide on exactly where to stay in Bangkok. There is a vast range of accommodation types, located all over the city and offering rooms to meet every budget. In the centre of town and in other popular areas, one needs to check which are guest friendly hotels because many high-range hotels and smaller guest houses will deter (or try to profit from) their guests bringing back ‘new friends’ for the night.

guest friendly hotels
Next, one must be very careful when choosing from among the huge selection of Bangkok companions mainly because there is such a vast difference in the honesty, adventurousness, culture and language ability of Bangkok girls who are willing or available to act as a tour guide, companion, masseuse, or more. Many men who have misunderstood a situation, the culture, or something plainly obvious will have a tale to tell (or a secret to keep) about how they were shocked to discover some piece of vital information at an inopportune moment during the night.

Bangkok private
Finally, one must also realize that everything comes at a price and inexpensive often means cheap, and cheap usually means low-quality, and low quality products more often than not lead to problems and further expense. Some potential Bangkok companions are more than willing to promise the world but unable to deliver. Also, almost all of the girls who work in entertainment venues are poorly educated, grew up in the rural North-East, or both. For discerning gentlemen who want more than a ‘quick grope in the dark’ and actually want a conversation, knowledgeable tour guide, or to have their companion accompany them to a dinner meeting, the ‘ladies’ who can be found in places like Patpong are absolutely sure to disappoint. One needs to acquire the services of a proper escort who can give a high-quality service of everything from language and sophistication to knowing how to properly give an erotic massage. High-quality Bangkok private escort services are few and far between. Some like to promise the best of everything, but just clean up and send out their country girls who have good skin and reasonable English or Japanese. One needs to properly consider what will be required from his (or her) personal escort and try not to cut corners to save a few dollars. The savings will eventually be spent on problems caused by lower-class ladies and when all’s said and done, the best services are always more expensive.


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