Using Ladies as Your Tour Guide in Thailand

Thailand has so much to offer visitors that it is difficult to know where to start. There are temples, wonderfully clean beaches, fantastic shopping and exciting nightlife. The country and its attractions draw in tourists and business visitors in large tour groups, small personal groups and even those travelling alone. Some people may think that it’s no fun, unsafe or unsociable travelling abroad alone, but there are still many who do so, especially men. For those who visit the Kingdom of Thailand alone, there are plenty of places to learn about and local people who can act as tour guides. Just a normal tour guide, however, can often be rather impersonal and sometimes robotic and boring. Many of these men travelling alone want more. They may desire a partner for dinner, a confidant, or just someone to keep them company and stop them from feeling (and appearing to be) alone. For example Pattaya escorts are often seen hand-in-hand with a single male tourist.

escort Bangkok
Thailand is also known as The Land of Smiles and is famous for its beautiful ladies and their warm and hospitable personalities. Regardless of how far each individual wants to take matters, it is still warm and comforting to have someone to share experiences with, and even better if that person is attractive and can help with local knowledge and tips on the culture and saving money when shopping
Single males travelling to Thailand often start in Bangkok, although some depart immediately for the beach resort town of Pattaya or fly in directly to Phuket in the south. Once here, they set themselves up in a hotel and then attempt to relax, while also enjoying the climate, food, surroundings and often the nightlife. For those who want a regular or erotic massage Sukhumvit Road is a popular area to meet people, eat well and find the best shopping. For example, MBK Bangkok ‘s huge air-conditioned department store, is just a few minutes by skytrain from central Sukhumvit and most main hotels.

Pattaya escorts
After shopping, the man would feel the need to put his feet up and maybe even have a cocktail in the hotel’s pool bar. And that’s when the idea, or the temptation, of requesting the services or company of a lady friend often starts to arise. Depending on one’s confidence and the type of hotel, many would consider a quiet word with a male member of the hotel reception staff. However this can easily lead to misunderstanding and embarrassment. Calling a trusted number or going online to choose executive escorts is far more discreet and also gives the gentleman the opportunity to speak to the right person or choose from pictures.

Pattaya night life picture
Regardless of which town or city one stays in, there are escorts available for reasonable rates and offering a wide range of services. When wanting to choose an escort Bangkok has the biggest population and therefore more choice, but the percentage of beautiful ladies in places like Phuket and Pattaya who are available for this kind of work is greater. Pattaya escorts tend to be more open to different European customs and requests, whereas a Phuket escort is more likely to be experienced in language and probably slightly more expensive, due to the cost of living there (both for locals and tourists).

Phuket escort
Pattaya nightlife is something that every tourist should experience at least once. The famous Walking Street and sois running parallel and adjacent to the beach are full of lively restaurants and bars. Pattaya escorts come from all over the country, but most are just a short journey from their home towns in Thailand’s rural North-East. In fact, there is also a growing number of ladies offering services from Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe. One needs to be ultra-careful in these situations, as they are often controlled by the local mafia and other undesirable members of the community.

massage Sukhumvit
In conclusion, whether travelling on business or vacation, alone or in a small group, and in Bangkok or one of the resort areas, employing the services of a local lady to keep you company, act as a tour guide, or something more is a fun and acceptable thing to do. But, take into consideration that attempting to save costs by meeting someone you don’t know, and therefore shouldn’t trust, in a bar, restaurant or on the street, is highly likely to end in disappointment, problems and expense. Doing things properly from the start means paying a little extra and enjoying the best quality service on offer.


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