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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is famous for many things. The traffic, the temples, and the pollution are just a few examples of what can be experienced in this wonderful city. However, one other attraction that draws people of all ages and nationalities is the nightlife. There is even a famous old hit single entitled ‘One night in Bangkok.’ The world over, stories are told about people’s experiences during a night out in Bangkok. Many have happy endings, many do not. The common ingredients for these adventures are often alcohol and the local girls who usually welcome, but sometimes prey on, these unsuspecting visitors. Which kind of ‘hostess’ one gets is often down to chance, and therefore choosing Bangkok companions is a potentially dangerous thing to do. Some people fall in love before they even leave their hotel, others venture through the bars, getting quick thrills wherever they can, and others still are too afraid from all the tales to get involved with any of the lovely ladies who may be available for companionship. One thing is for sure, the imaginative traveller may try a little bit of everything before settling for what he decides is the best.

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Firstly, one must decide on exactly where to stay in Bangkok. There is a vast range of accommodation types, located all over the city and offering rooms to meet every budget. In the centre of town and in other popular areas, one needs to check which are guest friendly hotels because many high-range hotels and smaller guest houses will deter (or try to profit from) their guests bringing back ‘new friends’ for the night.

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Next, one must be very careful when choosing from among the huge selection of Bangkok companions mainly because there is such a vast difference in the honesty, adventurousness, culture and language ability of Bangkok girls who are willing or available to act as a tour guide, companion, masseuse, or more. Many men who have misunderstood a situation, the culture, or something plainly obvious will have a tale to tell (or a secret to keep) about how they were shocked to discover some piece of vital information at an inopportune moment during the night.

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Finally, one must also realize that everything comes at a price and inexpensive often means cheap, and cheap usually means low-quality, and low quality products more often than not lead to problems and further expense. Some potential Bangkok companions are more than willing to promise the world but unable to deliver. Also, almost all of the girls who work in entertainment venues are poorly educated, grew up in the rural North-East, or both. For discerning gentlemen who want more than a ‘quick grope in the dark’ and actually want a conversation, knowledgeable tour guide, or to have their companion accompany them to a dinner meeting, the ‘ladies’ who can be found in places like Patpong are absolutely sure to disappoint. One needs to acquire the services of a proper escort who can give a high-quality service of everything from language and sophistication to knowing how to properly give an erotic massage. High-quality Bangkok private escort services are few and far between. Some like to promise the best of everything, but just clean up and send out their country girls who have good skin and reasonable English or Japanese. One needs to properly consider what will be required from his (or her) personal escort and try not to cut corners to save a few dollars. The savings will eventually be spent on problems caused by lower-class ladies and when all’s said and done, the best services are always more expensive.


Using Ladies as Your Tour Guide in Thailand

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Thailand has so much to offer visitors that it is difficult to know where to start. There are temples, wonderfully clean beaches, fantastic shopping and exciting nightlife. The country and its attractions draw in tourists and business visitors in large tour groups, small personal groups and even those travelling alone. Some people may think that it’s no fun, unsafe or unsociable travelling abroad alone, but there are still many who do so, especially men. For those who visit the Kingdom of Thailand alone, there are plenty of places to learn about and local people who can act as tour guides. Just a normal tour guide, however, can often be rather impersonal and sometimes robotic and boring. Many of these men travelling alone want more. They may desire a partner for dinner, a confidant, or just someone to keep them company and stop them from feeling (and appearing to be) alone. For example Pattaya escorts are often seen hand-in-hand with a single male tourist.

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Thailand is also known as The Land of Smiles and is famous for its beautiful ladies and their warm and hospitable personalities. Regardless of how far each individual wants to take matters, it is still warm and comforting to have someone to share experiences with, and even better if that person is attractive and can help with local knowledge and tips on the culture and saving money when shopping
Single males travelling to Thailand often start in Bangkok, although some depart immediately for the beach resort town of Pattaya or fly in directly to Phuket in the south. Once here, they set themselves up in a hotel and then attempt to relax, while also enjoying the climate, food, surroundings and often the nightlife. For those who want a regular or erotic massage Sukhumvit Road is a popular area to meet people, eat well and find the best shopping. For example, MBK Bangkok ‘s huge air-conditioned department store, is just a few minutes by skytrain from central Sukhumvit and most main hotels.

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After shopping, the man would feel the need to put his feet up and maybe even have a cocktail in the hotel’s pool bar. And that’s when the idea, or the temptation, of requesting the services or company of a lady friend often starts to arise. Depending on one’s confidence and the type of hotel, many would consider a quiet word with a male member of the hotel reception staff. However this can easily lead to misunderstanding and embarrassment. Calling a trusted number or going online to choose executive escorts is far more discreet and also gives the gentleman the opportunity to speak to the right person or choose from pictures.

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Regardless of which town or city one stays in, there are escorts available for reasonable rates and offering a wide range of services. When wanting to choose an escort Bangkok has the biggest population and therefore more choice, but the percentage of beautiful ladies in places like Phuket and Pattaya who are available for this kind of work is greater. Pattaya escorts tend to be more open to different European customs and requests, whereas a Phuket escort is more likely to be experienced in language and probably slightly more expensive, due to the cost of living there (both for locals and tourists).

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Pattaya nightlife is something that every tourist should experience at least once. The famous Walking Street and sois running parallel and adjacent to the beach are full of lively restaurants and bars. Pattaya escorts come from all over the country, but most are just a short journey from their home towns in Thailand’s rural North-East. In fact, there is also a growing number of ladies offering services from Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe. One needs to be ultra-careful in these situations, as they are often controlled by the local mafia and other undesirable members of the community.

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In conclusion, whether travelling on business or vacation, alone or in a small group, and in Bangkok or one of the resort areas, employing the services of a local lady to keep you company, act as a tour guide, or something more is a fun and acceptable thing to do. But, take into consideration that attempting to save costs by meeting someone you don’t know, and therefore shouldn’t trust, in a bar, restaurant or on the street, is highly likely to end in disappointment, problems and expense. Doing things properly from the start means paying a little extra and enjoying the best quality service on offer.

Finding the Best Escort Bangkok Has to Offer

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It is probably fair to state that most people who travel abroad alone, for work or business, are male. Yes, there are a growing number of females who go overseas for work, or even for leisure, without a companion, but it is predominantly a male thing. In addition, many of these men don’t want to be alone. They require the company of a knowledgeable guide, or attractive escort. These escorts can be just for show, something that is more than acceptable in Asia, it is often expected. Whatever one’s need for an escort Bangkok has a wealth of beautiful ladies and interesting places to spend time with them. Whether it is a massage, just someone to talk to, or a proper tour guide and dinner companion, having an attractive local lady as one’s Bangkok escort is a luxurious and rewarding experience.

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There are several ways in which to find and meet a Bangkok travel companion, but one must be both broad-minded and careful all at the same time. It is true that when many people think of Bangkok sex is the first thing that springs to mind. However, the city has many other wonderful activities and inner-city destinations. For discerning gentlemen who wish to hire the company of an escort girl Bangkok is probably the best city in the world. The natural beauty of the ladies from all over South-East Asia is combined with their wonderful smiles and tolerance to Western attitudes and habits. Lower-class visitors, be they tourists or business travelers, are often found socializing in the many bars that Bangkok is famous for. However, the ‘company’ found in these places is always a certain class of person; uneducated, thinking only of money, and nearly always unskilled and unsophisticated. Cheaper, maybe, but ‘cheap’ is not a good term when referring to luxuries. For the experience with a female escort Bangkok offers some wonderful opportunities. Each companion can be relied on to offer the services which have been agreed to and paid for. Extras, requested tips and unexpected disagreements are only for the lower-class, lower-quality, and lower-priced female companion services. Going about the procedure in the right and professional way may cost a little more money, but the rewards far outweigh this extra cost.

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The horror stories that one reads about are always from the Go-Go bars of Patpong and Sukhumvit Road. Discerning gentlemen know better and will see themselves, and the company they keep, as a cut above the riff raff that gives this wonderful city, and the luxury services men deserve, a bad name.

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The Advantages of Bangkok Escort Services

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They call it the oldest trade in the world, but there have been many people all over this planet who have fallen prey to many new and terrible tricks, scams and cheating by those in which we trust to offer a service. The blame sometimes lies with the clients, who abuse or distrust those offering such services, but in many situations it is the service providers who are out to earn a quick and dishonest buck, safe in the knowledge that in many parts of the world there is nobody to complain to officially. Not only that, the stigma of the situation causes embarrassment and shyness, preventing any such complaints. Thailand and its wonderful attractions are becoming more and more popular for those seeking something extra. Whether it’s just companionship, or something more, the ladies in Thailand, especially Bangkok girls have become world-renowned for not only their beauty and affection but also for some bad reasons. Some of them, and also a lot of transvestites and transsexuals, have earned an unfairly bad reputation for the honest, hard-working ladies who make up the majority. However, with the famous Bangkok nightlife such an appealing temptation, it is all too easy to go out to one of the famous go-go bars or meet a stranger in the street. However, this practice should be avoided at all costs. For Bangkok escort services, it is much better to pay more and get much more!

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There are several compelling reasons for such an argument. Understandably, one could always claim that the cost of a Thai escort varies greatly, and it does. But trying to save money on anything in life is very likely to come back and bite you in the behind. For example, the horror stories that are told and heard all over the world about a ‘friend-of-a-friend‘ who ended up in a bad situation and had to pay large sums of money to avoid health or police problems. Away from home, people behave differently, but are often more than happy to pay a day’s salary or more just to avoid a night in a cell or an argument with a hotel or bar manager. If one considers also that the added costs of trying to save money on original purchases can be equal to buying the more expensive product in the first place, yet you still only end up with the inferior product.

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In summary for Bangkok escort services or any other kind of companionship in the capital of Thailand, do not try to skimp and save. In the end, you will end up with a miserable experience, no guarantee of what will happen, nobody to complain to in the event of dissatisfaction, potential problems ranging from disease to police attention and finally the potential outlay equal to the cost of doing things properly in the first place.

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